UN Environment Programme (UNEP) is the leading global environmental authority of the UN system, with a mandate to provide guidance to its member states on environmental issues; and general policy guidance for the direction and co-ordination of environmental programmes within the UN system. 

UNEP's internal environmental sustainability work is coordinated by the Corporate Services Division, which supports UNEP in operational matters. The greening work in UNEP is guided by a steering committee and implemented by a climate neutral officer. In each office away from Headquarters, a sustainability contact point is designated to mainly coordinate greening initiatives and conduct the annual environmental inventory.

UNEP works on the monitoring and management of a number of environmental aspects, these include:  greenhouse gas inventory and mitigation, waste management, water usage, energy usage, printing and paper usage, virtual and sustainable meetings and staff sensitization on environmental matters.

UNEP also hosts the Sustainable United Nations facility in Geneva, which supports UN organizations in their journeys towards climate neutrality and environmental sustainability. Good practice and sustainability initiatives are shared across the UN through the communication work carried out by the Greening the Blue initiative, promoted by the Sustainable United Nations facility. To ensure that we practice what we preach, the Sustainable United Nations facility - with the support of its team in Nairobi - carries out substantial work to green UN Environment operations worldwide.

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