Civil society engagement

Civil Society Engagement

UNEP ( UN Environment Programme) recognizes the importance of engaging Major Groups and other Stakeholders as partners and appreciates the perspectives they bring to the table, valuable research and advocacy functions they perform and their role in helping foster long-term, broad-based support for UNEP’s mission.

Intergovernmental decisions will have stronger and broader recognition and support by the public if governments take Major Groups and other Stakeholders views into account as early as possible in policy-making and decision-making processes. Major Groups and other Stakeholders also play a direct role in the formation of policy as researchers, think-tanks, and watchdogs, or through advocacy.

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For organizations that would like to join INC-1 on beating plastic pollution to be held in Uruguay, 28 November – 2 December 2022, via being accredited to UNEP, please send your application to the UNEP-accreditation portal by 3 October 2022.

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