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Africa network for walking & cycling - Terms of Reference

14 September 2021
Africa network for walking & cycling - Terms of Reference

More than a billion people walk or cycle in Africa everyday- to reach work, home, school and other essential services. Although there have been bold and inspiring actions to improve conditions for people that walk and cycle, most countries still lack policies, appropriate infrastructure and budgets for protecting vulnerable road users.

The danger lies not just on the road, but in the air too. Vehicles emissions contribute to the climate crisis and are responsible for significant proportions of outdoor air pollution.

The Africa Network for Walking and Cycling aims to address these and other pressing issues related to financing, data collection and stakeholder engagement. It is made up of expert individuals actively working on walking and cycling in Africa including international organisations, NGO's, civil society, academia, research institutions and researchers, national and city governments, financial institutions, foundations and donors, the private sector and practitioners.

The Network is a space for organisations and experts to convene and collaborate. If Through regular meetings and the formation of expert working groups on core topics, the Network will assist in better coordinating the international response and support for the region and build a strong and consistent advocacy message for investing in walking and cycling in Africa.

If you would like to join the network you can sign up here.