Almaty Office for Central Asia

The Almaty Office opened in 2015 and is UNEP’s focal point in Europe for environmental cooperation with Central Asian countries. Hosted by Kazakhstan, the Almaty Office, helps to strengthen subregional cohesion among Central Asian countries while maintaining a pan-European approach and benefitting from the influence of the European Union’s environmental governance in particular.

The Office fosters regional cooperation and support for UNEP global and regional programmes with governments, institutions and other stakeholders to support the achievement of the environmental dimension of the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda globally and in Central Asia. The Office also strengthens UNEP’s position in the UN country teams in the sub-region by ensuring that environmental priorities are considered in programming and operations, and raises UNEP’s visibility.

Projects and initiatives:

Powering an eye on Central AsiaPowering an eye on the environment for Central Asia



UNEP is supporting climate change action in developing countries with fragile mountainous ecosystemsClimate change action in developing countries with fragile mountainous ecosystems





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