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Check Your Contributions

The UN Environment Programme (UNEP) depends on voluntary contributions for 95 per cent of the income, and is grateful to all partners that support its work. Voluntary contributions consist of contributions to the Environment Fund, the core fund of UNEP, and of earmarked funds.

These voluntary contributions are complemented by contributions from the UN regular budget, which amount to around 5 per cent of the income.

Status of voluntary contributions to UNEP

Below you can check the status and trends of voluntary contributions by different categories (click on a country to find out more). For an explanation on the share that is requested from each Member State towards the Environment Fund budget, please see below.


How to contribute to the Environment Fund?

Please view the Guidelines for Contributing to the Environment Fund in Arabic, English, French and Spanish

The contribution according to the VISC (Voluntary Indicative Scale of Contributions) that each country is encouraged to contribute, it is reflected in the table above. You are also welcome to contact us at: unep-environmentfund[at]