Climate adaptation

Reducing carbon emissions is no longer enough to halt the impacts of climate change. Many countries are realizing it's time to start adapting to a warming world.

UNEP has assisted over 70 projects on climate change adaptation in over 50 countries. Find out more about our adaptation work through the links below: 

Our Projects

UNEP has assisted over 75 projects on climate change adaptation in over 50 countries. Combined, the projects are aiming to benefit around 2.5 million people, restore 113,000 hectares of land, improve climate adaptation knowledge of 60,000 people and 131 institutions, and build over 1,100 water harvesting structures and 82 weather stations. Learn more about UNEP’s projects below:

In Pictures: How Africa is using nature to adapt to climate change

Despite being responsible for only around 3 per cent of global carbon dioxide emissions, experts say that Africa will be the region hardest hit by climate change. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on…

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