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How is UNEP funded

To be able to fulfil its mandate and to deliver its programme, the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) relies on voluntary contributions for over 95 per cent of the funding needed. UNEP is grateful to all funding partners for the resources they provide.

There are three main sources of funding for UNEP:

  • UN Regular Budget - the only regular source of funding, supports the functions of the UNEP Secretariat, including the Governing Bodies, coordination in the UN system, and cooperation with global scientific communities. Amounts to around 5 per cent annually.
  • Environment Fund - UNEP's core fund which supports the essential capacity needed for the balanced and efficient delivery of UNEP's programme of work, which is approved by our Member States. Amounts to around 15 per cent annually.
  • Earmarked Contributions - funds that are earmarked for specific projects, themes or countries, that enable the expansion and replication of UNEP's programme of work and its results in more countries and with more partners.  Amounts to around 80 per cent annually and consists of Earmarked Funds and Global Funds (GEF and GCF).


Chart showing UNEP budget and income 2021

*as at 31 December 2021

Check the contributions to UNEP by source of funding since 1973: