Our impact in Europe

In the pan-European region, environmental challenges range from managing cross-border environmental resources such as the Caspian Sea, boosting resource efficiency in cities, and responding to the impacts of climate change in the Carpathian Mountains.

We address these and other challenges through our work in seven priority work areas: climate change, disasters and conflicts, ecosystems management, environmental governance, chemicals and waste, resource efficiency, and environment under review.

As evidenced by the Sustainable Development Goals, the environment is starting to play a central role across all decision-making. We are seeing that green economies are beginning to trump the business as usual. With our partners, we look forward to continuing to improve standards of living today without compromising that of future generations.

We serve as a neutral authority on the environment in Europe. With our global reach, we also work to ensure policy coherence to support the efficient achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

In practice, this means that we advise and guide countries, the private sector and civil society on their paths to a green and inclusive economy, such as by fostering renewable energy technologies or promoting sustainable transport for example, and by sharing experiences and best practices on a range of topics such as sustainable agriculture and sustainable consumption and production.

We conduct this work in collaboration with nine Major Groups and Stakeholders – including women, farmers, business and industry and non-governmental organizations – to ensure that agreements, studies and tools for sustainable development take their views into account and that benefits are shared.

The Geneva Environment Network (GEN) plays a crucial role in our work. GEN is a partnership of more than 75 organizations, including UN offices and programmes, NGOs, academic institutions and local authorities located in Geneva and active in the fields of environment and sustainable development. Since 1999, the GEN Secretariat – led by UN Environment and supported by the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment – has actively promoted increased cooperation and networking among its members by organising and hosting numerous dialogues and other events. The network is a resource for any sector wanting to learn about the environment, green its economy and develop sustainably.

Our results so far have come to fruition thanks to our partners from all sectors. We count on our partners more than ever to secure a better quality of life for countries and people, both for today and in the future.