Providing the science to inform smart policies

Strengthening Scientific Base of Environmental Policy-Making

Decision-making that promotes sustainable development requires sound understanding of the complex relationship between the environment, society and economy. UN Environment contributes to bridging gaps in scientific knowledge of underlying causes and impacts of environment change and provides policy recommendations.

What we are doing

In Asia-Pacific, UN Environment delivers the following services, working closely with regional partners to leverage their expertise and geographical reach.

Policy-oriented scientific assessments

UN Environment produces Global Environment Outlooks, assessments on the state of the global environment, every 5years,  with spinoff products targeted to business and youth. Regional versions of global outlooks with spinoff products for targeted audiences are also produced. We also produce thematic assessments covering topics such as climate vulnerability, resource efficiency and freshwater assessments at  regional, sub-regional and national levels that inform and support Governments to make sound policy decisions to address critical environmental issues.

GEO-6: Regional Assesment for the Asia Pacific

Strengthening capacity in environmental assessment and reporting

UN Environment provides technical advice and assistance to Governments to undertake State of Environment assessments that support national policy and planning. This includes training to apply the Drivers-Pressures-State-Impact-Response analytical framework for assessments. This has led to State of the Environment reports for Bangladesh, Lao PDR, the Greater Mekong region, Pakistan, South Asia and Sri Lanka.

South Asia Environment Outlook

Improving access to environmental data and information

Lack of data and information hampers the abilities of countries to make sound decisions and take actions to address environmental challenges and threats. To address this challenge, UN Environment established UN Environment Live for countries, research institutions and data networks to publish environment data and knowledge products on the platform.

We also advise countries on  establishing systematic processes and data management platforms to cater to national environmental reporting needs and reporting obligations under the Sustainable Development Goals and Multilateral Environmental Agreements.

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