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The Recipe of Change campaign was created under the auspices of the regional food waste framework implemented by UN Environment Programme, Regional Office for West Asia.

The main purpose of the campaign is to maximize visibility on the rampant global food waste problem. It strives to encourage the public to reduce their food waste and to help countries in their efforts to achieving responsible consumption and production SDG12 and its target number 3 that aims to halve food waste by 2030.

In order to create real behavioral change, the talk on food waste must be regular and long-term. The campaign has been spread over many months, as to maximize its impact and reach.

Following the success of phase one that focused mainly on households, UNEP ROWA will launch phase two in September 2022 with main targets being the Ho.Re.Ca sector along with university and school canteens/cafeterias.

This campaign is supported by GO4SDGs

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The campaign has been spread over many months with the main purpose to maximize awareness on the rampant global food waste problem and create real behavioural change.

Chefs and influencers from the West Asia region have been approached to increase the impact of the campaign. Those include (from upper left to right) Actress Stephanie Atala (Lebanon), Chefs Issa Al Balushi (Oman), Youssef Akiki (Lebanon), Ali Ghzawi (Jordan), Leyla Fathallah (Lebanon), Musabbeh Alkaabi (United Arab Emirates), Actor George Khalaf (Lebanon), Joe Barza (Lebanon), Tala Bashmi (Bahrain), Yasser El Jnedi (Syria), Maroun Chedid (Lebanon), and Wed Saleh (Saudi Arabia).

Voices of Recipe of Change



The campaign focuses on reducing, reusing and recycling


Measure portion sizes to minimize potential waste and/or write a shopping list and avoid bulk promotions.


Limit food waste by using take away options and donating to food banks. Donate all leftover resources that weren’t used before they become perishable. Schedule a weekly ‘Use It Up’ Day or ‘Use It Up’ meal to make the most of leftover ingredients.


Compost any remaining food waste and ask one’s local government about food waste collection.


A series of animations, raising awareness on the issue of food waste.

1. Food Waste Explained - Arabic - English

2. Reducing Food Waste - Arabic - English

3. Reduce Restaurants Food Waste - Arabic - English 


A series of videos of the partner top chefs, discussing subjects on food waste within the West Asia region were produced and shared.

  1. Launching of Recipe of Change Campaign, featuring UNEP Representative and Regional Director for West Asia, Mr. Sami Dimassi
  2. Food Waste in the Region: an awareness video featuring UNEP Representative and Regional Director Mr. Sami Dimassi, Chef Maroun Chedid, Chef Leyla Fathallah, Chef Ali Ghazawi and Chef Yasser Jnedi raise awareness on the issue of food waste in the region 
  3. Zero-Waste Recipe using bread, onion and meat leftovers featuring Chef Youssef Akiki
  4. Food waste in restaurants
  5. Reduce food Waste at home featuring actor George Khalaf
  6. Food waste impacts food security , featuring actress Stephanie Atallah
  7. Food Waste and its impact on the planet featuring Chefs Mussabeh Al Kaabi, Leyla Fathallah, Youssef Akiki, Chef Ali Ghzawi, Chef Issa Al Balushi, and Chef Tala Bashmi

Kingdom of Bahrain, week of 24th of September

Awareness raising activity at the Arab Gulf University (AGU). With the university, UNEP ROWA will implement a competition to feature student research on the topic, and the canteen will be serving a meal prepared in a zero-waste method in addition to encouraging students to take their leftovers, reduce their portions, and compost organic waste.

Lebanon 28-30 September 

Lebanese Scouts Federation

Awareness raising activities with the Lebanese Scouts Federation, targeting the youth, main drivers of change.

Lebanese American University

A panel discussion entitled "Combating Food Waste for Improved Food Security in Lebanon".  An activation at the canteens in both campuses (Beirut and Byblos) along with the university medical center of St. Johns in Jounieh. For three days, the campaign will be running in the three locations and the canteen will be serving meals prepared in a zero-waste method in addition to encouraging students to take their leftovers, reduce their portions, and compost organic waste.


Under the SwitchMed II activities in Lebanon UNEP ROWA has collaborated with Nusaned (Lebanese NGO) to promote Circular Economy and Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) practices in Lebanon, greening restaurants, preventing and reducing plastics and food waste through capacity building, awareness raising and collection activities to divert the waste from landfill. Participating restaurants will showcase the Recipe of Change campaign, raise awareness to staff and customers on the topic, promote take away for leftovers, and develop a zero-waste recipe for the entire week of 25th September 2022.

United Arab Emirates (UAE), 29 September - 2 October 

An activation marking the International Day of Awareness on Food Loss and Waste, organized by UN Environment Programme Regional Office for West Asia and Goumbook, in collaboration with Dubai Sustainable Tourism will target the hospitality industry, with focus on domestic tourists. Aiming to engage with UAE hotels following its launch on Sept 29th, the campaign will run for 4 days until Oct 2nd, 2022.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 29 September 

To mark the International Day of Awareness of Food Loss, the UN Resident Coordinator’s Office facilitated the collaboration between UNEP ROWA with Marriot hotel in Riyadh. The collaboration resulted in the employment of an awareness raising campaign as part of the hotel’s “core value to serve 360” with focus on Reduction at the Source from guest and associates through awareness raising, reduction of portion size, and take away process.

  • Separate & measure all pre-consumer and post-consumer food waste to analyse data
  • Donation of surplus to local food banks
  • Animal Feed for food that is not conform for donation