Deva Darshan/Pexels/2 September 2021

Restoration Road Trip

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) North America Office is taking a virtual journey through restored ecosystems across Canada and the United States. Join this cross-continental road trip to uncover amazing stories across diverse landscapes, from wetlands and forests to deserts and seas.

Explore North American restoration projects through the map below and find the nearest road trip stop near you.

This road trip is a call to join #GenerationRestoration and take part in the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, a global rallying cry to heal our planet by preventing, halting, and reversing the degradation of ecosystems worldwide. Between now and 2030, the restoration of 350 million hectares of degraded terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems could generate $9 trillion in ecosystem services and remove 13-26 gigatons of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.

Action begins at the local level, and by showcasing restoration initiatives throughout the region, we encourage individuals and organizations to protect and restore ecosystems within your own communities.

What actions will you take to bring back nature? Make a pledge to restore the planet.


 SER Restorative Continuum

The Restoration Road Trip began in 2021 in partnership with the Society on Ecological Restoration (SER) to highlight a wide range of restorative activities and practices can support the recovery of lost or degraded ecosystems. The SER Restorative Continuum helps to showcase these different phases of restoration, providing a convenient way to visualize a holistic approach to repairing the world’s ecosystems while enabling restoration practitioners to apply the most appropriate and effective restoration treatment for their specific ecological, social, and financial context. As one moves from left to right on the continuum, ecological health, biodiversity, and the delivery of ecosystem services improve.