Vienna Office and Secretariat of the Carpathian Convention

The Vienna Office was established in 2004 with the main purpose of acting as the Secretariat of the Carpathian Convention.

The Carpathian Convention Secretariat promotes ratification and facilitates cooperation between signatory states, as well as other relevant international bodies and conventions. It furthermore encourages and supports research, communication and information exchange between partners, coordinates the preparation and implementation of the Convention’s work programme, prepares relevant documentation and supports further institutional development.

Moreover, the Office is UNEP’s European focal point for environmental cooperation with Central and South-Eastern European countries. It coordinates the delivery of UNEP’s programme of work in this part of Europe and liaises between UNEP and organizations based in Vienna and in the sub-region.

Projects and initiatives:

Balkan programme

Breathing life back into degraded land in Albania

Building a shield against flooding in vulnerable areas of North Macedonia

Equipping Southeastern European countries to join forces and beat pollution

From coast to the Adriatic Sea: a better protected Montenegro

Levelling up biodiversity conservation in North Macedonia

Red Lists: Gauging The Force Of Nature In North Macedonia

Paving new paths to biodiversity conservation

Paving the groundwork for cleaner soil in Serbia

Global mountains

Climate change action in developing countries with fragile mountainous ecosystems

Vanishing Treasures - protecting endangered mountain species

Adaptation at Altitude: mountains at the frontline of climate change 

Our team:

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